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Piping Hot Jalebis


As our trip to India nears, I’ve got Indian sweets on the brain.  Piping hot Jalebis, cooked in Desi Ghee, are quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth.  Jalebis are made from gram flour that is deep fried, in the best case in Desi Ghee (clarified butter), then soaked in boiling sugar.   So the end result is dripping hot fried batter soaked in sugary syrup.  I am a pretty clean eater; I save up my junk-food rations for over-the-top indulgences.  There’s a spot in Delhi that is famous for its Jalebis.  I found this video that shows you the famous Jalebiwala at work:

Until next time, sweet dreams of sweet Jalebis!


Leaving on a Jet Plane…


India Shopping Collage

I’ve been itching for a journey for quite a while now, and finally the plans have been made.  We’re going to India, and I cannot wait!  The journey is, in so many ways, the reward for me.  I love the adventure, I love the hunt, I love never knowing what kind of colorful magic I’m going to find down the next alleyway. I will admit that this trip is going to be more stressful than our last, as my business has grown quite a bit.  So there are lots of things things that I will have to maintain from overseas. But where there is internet, there is a way!   I want to let all of my customers know that during my absence, there may be a slight shipping delay.  From November 13- December 20, expect your orders to take a few extra days to ship.  Sorry to add to your holiday stress, but that’s the way it is!

I promise to share pictures of the journey here, and on my social media outlets.  So if you aren’t following me already, now’s the time.  Here are my feeds:

Off to plan for my travels.
Until next time,



Namaste blog readers. I’m here to give this blogging idea another shot. I love the idea of a blog; I’m a huge fan of words- reading and writing them. But there are 2 main reasons that it didn’t seem to work out for me before:

1. I have a hard time making timespace that it takes to keep up a blog.
2. I have my hand in a lot of pots, so there are lots of steady themes in my life- so many that it’s hard to focus on just one. One day I am a web manager, one day a product photographer, one day a bookeeper, one day a jewelry designer, one day a sales rep. On all days I am a mother to my precious golden retriever Finn, wife to my larger-than-life husband Binny, a yogini, a creative thinker and a positive soul efforting to maintain a connection to the source.
So the creative voice inside of me had a brainstorm. It thought, “why are you turning these into obstacles?” With the emergence of so many “time-saving” social networking apps out there (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), there are so many ways to publish a thou
ght, or a picture, or a snippet of life, from wherever I am. Reason #1 is no longer an obstacle.
And to Reason #2, I thought: Why am I creating a boundary within which my blog entries must fall? I am the energy behind all that I do, it’s all a part of my life, it is what consumes my days. Beads, papers, Finny and Binny, yoga, jewelry, fabric, etsy, Divali Glass Jewelry, Bead Trust, Beads Forever, traveling, family, friends, bead shows….. Why can’t all of it be a part of the blog?
So as my grandfather, Art, would have said in one of his vacation videos, “Here we are, Lavinia!” (Lavinia is my grandmother). And here we are, at the new WomanShopsWorld Blog. For those of you who don’t know, I run a shop on etsy called “WomanShopsWorld.” It’s
a beautifully colorful collection of things that I find on our travels, and sometimes in the corners of our warehouse. I have an affinity for all things colorful, all things handmade, all things adorned; and I have a fascination with the vast cultures and peoples of the world. The world is way too large for me to stay in one spot. So I travel (both physically and mentally, via books and the internet) to have my mind, my eyes, my thoughts, my loves, expanded. WomanShopsWorld is my space where I share the things I love with the rest of the world.
And this blog will be the space where I will share my thoughts and ramblings. Maybe you will find them remarkable enough that you will come back from time to time and share in my musings.
I’ll leave you with one of my favorite pictures from our last India trip.
Enjoy your Sunday,