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I have a fascination with the world at large, and all of its people. The things we make, eat, wear, discard. There is so much to explore, so much to see, so much to feel, taste, smell, touch. There's much too much to do, to sit around on the couch. I have an eye for color and a sense for the unusual, and I love to travel, to explore, to have my senses dazzled. I gather my findings, the things that catch my eye, here- to share with you and all who might chance this way, with joy and thanksgiving for the beautiful world in which we live.

A Stay at Home kind of a day

It was a perfectly grey and dreary day to stay at home and cozy up.  Cozy up with the computer, that is!  I have a habit of getting on the computer while I’m still in my PJ’s in the morning, and sometimes half of the day goes by before I realize that I haven’t even gotten dressed!  Yes, etsy is THAT addicting.  Normally I make it into the office in the afternoon, for shipping packages, taking pictures, and doing general office stuff.  But today was one of those days where I just didn’t feel like going.  So I didn’t!  And what a luxury it was to work here all day, look out at the grey yard, let Gypsy roam around, sip hot tea, listen to music, crank out etsy treasuries, list items, and soak up being at home.

I made this Treasury that I’m really loving.  It’s got a magic, warm, cozy Autumn sort of feeling….the kind of feeling I had running through me all day.

Have a lovely evening,

‘this will be an autumn to remember’ by WomanShopsWorld

Pink Organza Cuff/ lace/ lin…


Still Life Photography Natur…


Ballerina Stud Earrings Rose…


Rainbows fine art photograph…


I See Through You, blue gree…


vintage 1920’s silk bead…


Handmade Luxury Soap, All Na…


Boulder Opal Necklace, Rough…


Black and White Earthenware …


Untitled – Signed portrait a…


Chai Cocoa Lip Balm – Beeswa…


Cool Mountain Hand Stitched …


LMD Fig Embroidery Throw, vi…




Handmade Antique French Silk…


minimalism art photo, nature…


Sweet Distractions

It’s the time of year when eating candy seems to be the thing to do.  All the cool kids are doing it, why shouldn’t I?  I am, admittedly, a recovering candy junkie.  For most of my life, I think I ate more candy than anything else.  About 6 years ago, I converted to vegetarianism, and it changed a lot of my habits; eating habits and life habits.  One of the things that changed pretty quickly was my desire for candy.  Suddenly my sugar cravings were gone.  And then one day I realized that it had been days, maybe weeks, since I’d reached for a piece of candy.  Though I don’t consume a fraction of what I used to, candy still holds the same place in my heart.  And there are some things that just aren’t worth resisting.  Like Candy Corns.  So when I saw these cookies on Pinterest, I immediately stopped what I was doing, went to the grocery store, and got the ingredients.  And guess what I’ll be doing this afternoon?  Yep.  Making cookies.  And they are going to be mouth-watering good.

The post that I saw didn’t have a recipe, so I googled this recipe from Averie over at AverieCooks, a sweet-tooth satisfying blog.  Here is her picture of the cookies, to entice you.  So if you smell something sweet wafting out of my windows, come on in.  There will be enough to share!

From gypsy bliss to African Gangnam Style….


I’ve been cruising the internets today, thoroughly enjoying my first Saturday at home after a long time.  We’ve been doing show after show after show.  And while I love being in the road, there is something so grounding about being at h-o-m-e!  How I’ve enjoyed falling down one world wide web rabbit hole after another.  First I stumbled upon the Bohemian-inspired magazine Disfunkshion Magazine, which is my dream come true. If I could jump into the pages of this incredible publication, I would.  I haven’t seen a hard copy yet, but I know from their website that this is right up my alley.  I mean, this is their home page:

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 3.58.02 PM

You want more, right?  Check them out, you’ll be glad you did.  Female-powered, empowering, and inspiring, with that gypsy soul that tugs at my heartstrings.

And then I stumbled upon this fabulous video of the Aaninka African Dance Company doing their version of Gangnam Style, and I had to share this with you.  I didn’t understand all of the hype about this song, but throw in some incredible African dancers, awesome African clothes, and I get this!

So that’s it from me for today.  I’m off to do some housecleaning, some yoga, and hopefully a few other home-centric activities.  I hope you’re having a lovely weekend!


Gypsy Flowers for the bride


blog2a-1Fellow etsian Leah purchased some of this trim to use for her wedding bouquet, and she just sent me some pictures. I’m tickled with how it turned out!  There is something so special to me about a bridal bouquet.  I’m not even the kind of gal who gets all excited over weddings.  But the flowers always get me.  I LOVE how Leah used this ribbon.  Isn’t this beautiful?!  Thank you Leah for letting me share, and thank you Brae Howard Weddings for the photo.

EU Etsy Front Page Magic


Well I’ve been spreading a little magic over on the Euro Etsy Home Page today.  This treasury I created just got chosen to grace the Front Page.  I have only had my collections grace the “FP” a few times now, and how exciting it is.  To know that there are 16 people whose shops are getting flooded with traffic (and hopefully sales) because of the creative vision that I had… It’s good stuff, for sure.

Here is the chosen Treasury, and a link to it:

Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 2.50.25 PM

And that’s all from me for today.  Off to make some more magic.

Lusting for Girl on A Vine


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Do you need some Gypsy in your closet?  A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon this amazing designer named Girl on A Vine when I was shopping on etsy.  It was love at first sight for sure.  But when I saw that her fringed kimonos are all named after song lyrics, I was head over heels.  These things are amazing.  I have been lusting ever since, and as soon as I sell enough harem pants, I am going to own one of these beauties.

Here is just a sneak peek of some of the loveliness:
ImageImageSo I was pretty ecstatic when I saw that there were still a few more hours to enter The Cult of Style’s contest to win a Girl on a Vine piece.  If you act fast, you can enter to win too by going here.  The deadline is tonight (Monday, 8/27) at midnight.  Click on over and try your luck, for the love of gypsy style!

Until next time,