Piping Hot Jalebis


As our trip to India nears, I’ve got Indian sweets on the brain.  Piping hot Jalebis, cooked in Desi Ghee, are quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth.  Jalebis are made from gram flour that is deep fried, in the best case in Desi Ghee (clarified butter), then soaked in boiling sugar.   So the end result is dripping hot fried batter soaked in sugary syrup.  I am a pretty clean eater; I save up my junk-food rations for over-the-top indulgences.  There’s a spot in Delhi that is famous for its Jalebis.  I found this video that shows you the famous Jalebiwala at work:

Until next time, sweet dreams of sweet Jalebis!

About Carter Seibels

I have a fascination with the world at large, and all of its people. The things we make, eat, wear, discard. There is so much to explore, so much to see, so much to feel, taste, smell, touch. There's much too much to do, to sit around on the couch. I have an eye for color and a sense for the unusual, and I love to travel, to explore, to have my senses dazzled. I gather my findings, the things that catch my eye, here- to share with you and all who might chance this way, with joy and thanksgiving for the beautiful world in which we live.

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