Wisdom Eyes


Image Nepal, all Buddist stupas (shrines) have a set of Buddha eyes on all four sides of the main tower.  Also called Wisdom Eyes, the eyes face in all four directions, reminding all of the Buddha’s omnipresence.  The curly symbol between the eyes represents the number 1, and the unity of all things. 

We were given this Buddha Eyes sticker by our Nepali exporter.  Today Buddha’s eyes found a new home on the windshield of “The Mothership” (as Aveesh calls our box truck).  We’re en route to Chicago for the Randolph Street Market, and the sunset was cotton-candy glow tonight.  I had my camera nearby and captured this end-of-day photo.  A good reminder of the peace, calm, and simple beauty that surrounds us always, if we are willing to take the time to notice.



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