Blog Lovin’ from Chicago’s Randolph Street Market


We are having so much fun with the antique shows that we can’t seem to take a weekend off!  This weekend we’re at Trade Days in McCalla, AL.  It’s set in the midst of Tannehill State Park, with a lovely little drive through the woods.  Then you drive over a precious little bridge (Which almost felt too small for our truck!), into a field full of tents and the hawkers’ offerings.  We do feel like there are a lot of “flea-market finds” and not so many antiques here, but that’s just fine with us.  As long as the crowd is there, we will have fun making people smile with all of our fabulous color and worldly goods.

So if you’re in the Birmingham area, come by and say hello.  Here is the address.   We’ll be there all day today and tomorrow (from early morning until 5pm).

Next weekend we’re heading to the Windy City, and we can’t wait!  The Randolph Street Market looks incredible.  I have a feeling I might have a hard time keeping my money in my pocket at this fabulous market.

They were so excited when we sent in our application!  One look at our colors, and I got such an exciting e-mail back, welcoming us to the market.  And look at this blog lovin’, all about WomanShopsWorld: .  Thanks Randolph Street Market, I think I love you already!


About Carter Seibels

I have a fascination with the world at large, and all of its people. The things we make, eat, wear, discard. There is so much to explore, so much to see, so much to feel, taste, smell, touch. There's much too much to do, to sit around on the couch. I have an eye for color and a sense for the unusual, and I love to travel, to explore, to have my senses dazzled. I gather my findings, the things that catch my eye, here- to share with you and all who might chance this way, with joy and thanksgiving for the beautiful world in which we live.

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