Oh, etsy, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways


Sorry for my silence, dear readers.  I have fallen down the etsy tunnel, and I can’t get out!  I’ve been on a treasury-creating kick, and it’s lead me to stumble upon some of the most amazing etsy finds. I’ve hardly had time for anything else because I can’t seem to pry myself off of the computer.  From hand-dyed ombre silk fashion finds, to boho-inspired home goods, I want to design my entire life with items from etsy.   Handmade by the artist down the street, or handmade by a woman half-way around the world, etsy’s got it all!  Here are a few of my current obsessions:

Ombre and Pastel Current Etsy Favorites

Etsy is such an inspiration to me in so many ways.  I love to see so many people making and doing what they love!  I also been hard at work, building my  WomanShopsWorld empire!  I haven’t really been on etsy 24 hours a day, I promise!  I’ve got some super-bright and fun new shipments arriving daily, from various corners of the world.  We’ve got the next Scott’s market coming up in 2 weeks, and if you thought the booth looked good before, wait until you see it in July!  I cannot wait to reveal my newest treasures.  Some of my finds will also be for sale on WomanShopsWorld, but some will go in a new shop I am working on outside of etsy.  In respect to etsy’s rule that all items be handmade by the shop owner, vintage, or supplies, I have lots of goodies that I can’t sell on etsy.  I respect this rule 100% and am a believer that it is what will keep etsy from turning into ebay (or we can hope!)  So stay tuned for new goods, new sites, and more inspiration.Stay cool out there, it’s a scorcher today!


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