Sharing a love of African handicrafts


ImageI had a fun get-together today with another Charlotte native who has just moved here from Nigeria.  We met through Etsy; she saw my Aso Oke fabrics and messaged me to say hello.  Her curiosity was peaked by my collection, since she also has a vintage textile collection.  We had a fun get-together and shared our beads, fabrics, travel stories, and fascination with the world.  I hope that she might be able to bring me some more textiles when she returns from her next trip back to Nigeria. 

The beaded aprons (pictured above and below) are some of the pieces that she brought with her today.  Aren’t the incredible?  These would be worn by men, but likely beaded by women.  I have a recent fascination with seed bead work.  In my own jewelry designs I like to make and work with big beads.  I don’t have the patience for little beads; I think there is something of an affinity for instant gratification.  Seed bead work seems to take so loooong!  So I am fascinated by people who do have this gift of patience.

A photograph doesn’t do these justice, but does its best to capture some of their beauty.  
Enjoy, until next time.



About Carter Seibels

I have a fascination with the world at large, and all of its people. The things we make, eat, wear, discard. There is so much to explore, so much to see, so much to feel, taste, smell, touch. There's much too much to do, to sit around on the couch. I have an eye for color and a sense for the unusual, and I love to travel, to explore, to have my senses dazzled. I gather my findings, the things that catch my eye, here- to share with you and all who might chance this way, with joy and thanksgiving for the beautiful world in which we live.

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